The Storytelling Platforms

Wuxia the Fox is the first showcase of the capability of the tangible storytelling platform. The platform allows the spatialization of narratives and the experiences of "films of which you are the narrator" and “films that you walk and touch” promoting reading aloud and tangible interactions to increase the attention, imaginations and contemplation depths of humans together in a physical environment. It’s also about connecting thru voice and natural interactions involving eye contact, body and hands gestures


The GroundBreaking Ai & Extended Reality Platform.

Augment the pleasure of Reading, Enhance Expressivity and Assist Dialog.

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YOD - The Augmented Reading & Lamp

Interactive Projections on Table, Books and BoardGames

Interactive Projections on Table, Books and BoardGames.


Noem - The Interactive READING Kiosk

Natural Interactions and Interactive Storytelling for Physical Environments

An embodiement of the app experience for Public Spaces.